Aussie 4×4 legend John ‘Roothy’ Rooth joins Snag in the INFO MOTO studio. Watch the full video podcast here…

Who is Roothy?

John Rooth is a writer, presenter, tour guide, public speaker and a great mate of INFO MOTO’s

Roothy is a phenomenon in Australia, with millions of avid followers in the 4X4, camping and travel worlds.

What’s not as well known is that John has been an outlaw biker, editor of major motorcycle mag Two Wheels, opal miner and a dozen other things.

Roothy info moto podcast
Roothy knows a thing or two about four-wheel driving…

Roothy’s first full time job in journalism was as a bike tester for Two Wheels, then assistant editor, editor and more. He started Live to Ride magazine, then was responsible for another new title creation – Australian Country Music, Rallyman, Australian Tattoo and Interstater to mention a few of his journalistic accomplishments.

Roothy info moto podcast
Roothy also tests new motorcycles from time to time.

He joins Snag for a fair dinkum chat about his real love – motorcycles. He gives us a bit of real-world advice along the way, but mostly it’s a revealing moment between two old mates who clearly respect each other.

Oh, and we get the odd secret revealed too.

Roothy and INFO MOTO… What could possibly go wrong?

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John Arens
John Arens
3 years ago

Ha Snag, The podcast with Rooney was excellent