In the latest INFO MOTO adventure bike MEGA TEST, the boys tag-team to trial the long-awaited R 1300 GS on both road and dirt, with two highly specified variants: the fully loaded Triple Black and the off-road-honed Trophy X. Is the new-generation adventurer as good as the hype would lead you to believe? This and much more at the video link below.

BMW R 1300 GS pricing and specs

BMW has launched its next-generation full-size adventure bike platform, the R 1300 GS, which debuts a more powerful and compact boxer engine and significant weight-saving chassis upgrades, among many improvements over its predecessor.

The all-new BMW R 1300 GS, which has been completely redesigned with more angular bodywork and incorporated trim elements, is 12 kilograms lighter than the outgoing R 1250 GS that it replaces.

Motivating the R 1300 GS is a 1300cc boxer engine, up 46cc compared to the previous unit, and outputting 7kW and 6Nm more power and torque for a total of 107kW and 149Nm.

2024 BMW R 1300 GS revealed

This new engine has been made more compact due to its gearbox relocated underneath the engine, as well as a new camshaft arrangement.

Also helping to shed weight is the steel and aluminum frame, which is said to increase stiffness, as well as new front telelever and rear paralever wheel guides designed to improve steering precision and ride stability, according to BMW Motorrad.

The R 1300 GS’s standard-fit electronic suspension has been upgraded to include spring rate adjustment, and technology that allows for fully automatic adjustment of the bike’s ride height.

2024 BMW R 1300 GS revealed

From standard, the R 1300 GS features four rider modes (compared to three of the entry-level R 1250 GS), including an Enduro mode setup specifically for off-road use.

Key to the bike’s refreshed look is new LED lighting with indicators integrated in the hand guards. The inclusion of front and rear radars also brings modern rider assistance technologies including active cruise control, front collision warning and lane change warning.

Other features which are now standard include heated grips, a full keyless system, a lithium-ion battery, and various rider mode upgrades.

2024 BMW R 1300 GS revealed

“With the new BMW R 1300 GS we will once again take the competition by surprise,” said head of water-cooled boxer models Thilo Fuchs.

“It is defined by an even broader spread of product substance, while the reduction in complexity and vehicle weight, combined with focused equipment, enable the essence of the boxer GS to be showcased even more strikingly.

“With a new engine, outstanding handling and impressive ride qualities, it will set the pace both on and off the road.”

The 2024 BMW R 1300 GS is priced from $26,000 for the basic variant, followed by the higher-spec Pure ($28,990), Trophy ($34,590), Trophy X ($33,690), Triple Black ($34,490) and Option 719 ($36,690).

INFO MOTO understands that BMW will reveal a successor to the R 1250 GS Adventure, dubbed the R 1400 GS, before year’s end, which will include a significantly larger petrol tank among other long-haul upgrades.

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