INFO MOTO trials CFMOTO’s four-wheel range at the launch of its new 400 and 520 farming ATVs. Watch the video here…

The local ATV market has taken a massive haircut over the last 12 months following the decision by a bunch of previous heavy hitters – the Japanese firms as well as Polaris and Can-Am – to exit the market following the introduction of mandatory operator protector device (OPD) legislation.

The change has been profound and, as a result, the balance of power has well and truly shifted to ATV powerhouse CFMOTO, which has remained in the market after its private importer, Mojo Motorcycles, chose to meet all the new legislative requirements.

New CFMOTO CFORCE ATV and side by side

CFMOTO is not resting on its laurels, though, and its three decades of battle-hardened experience was on display at the recent Aussie launch of its updated single-cylinder range of work-ready ATVs: the CFORCE 400, CFORCE 400 EPS (as in electronic power steering) and the CFORCE 520 EPS.

The middleweight ranks is where it’s at for the majority of Aussie farmers, and CFMOTO has focussed on all aspects of the chassis-sharing ATVs from ergonomics to carrying and towing muscle, comfort, performance, convenience and technology.

New CFMOTO CFORCE ATV and side by side

Some of the numbers are compelling, such as an increase in towing capacity from 350 to 612kg, a 26 per cent increase in suspension travel and a 30 per cent stronger frame.

Start poking, prodding and kneeling and you’ll find out more: tool-less access to check fluid levels, brake guards to stop grit getting in and accelerating pad wear, a higher air intake so water crossings aren’t like living on the razor’s edge, and arched A-arms on the steering to keep the undercarriage clear of damage-causing rocks and debris. Nice touches, and what you’d expect from a market leader.

And fun to ride, even with their obvious farm remits!

New CFMOTO CFORCE ATV and side by side

The 400 ($8490 rideaway), 400 EPS ($9290) and 520 EPS ($9990) are what Mojo Motorcycles boss Michael Poynton calls CFMOTO’s “bread-and-butter” in terms of their strong appeal to primary producers.

And the flagship 520 EPS also has some extra goodies over its siblings in terms of handguards, LED lights, a bigger five-inch LCD dash with Bluetooth connectivity, plastic racks (instead of steel) and a 2500lb winch. CFMOTO believes it will continue to be its biggest selling vehicle, across all its two and four-wheel market segments.

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