It seems I’m the editorial director’s first port of call when it comes to reviewing things, well, a little outside the mainstream… I’m used to it. Enter the Honda NAVi.

The NAVi is billed as ‘a unique blend of scooter and motorcycle, offering a compact and lightweight design that’s easy to manoeuvre. With a 109.2cc engine, it provides enough power for city commuting while maintaining excellent fuel efficiency.’

Well, that’s Honda’s marketing blurb and for mine, it’s just about spot-on.

Honda NAVi review AUSTRALIA

You see this thing is small, fuel efficient and bargain priced. I can see it outside hip cafes, universities and single fronted share houses in every major city in this wide brown land. Smart, cheap and well, depending on your point of view, kinda cute. A bit like me.

So, what’s the guts here? The engine is rear mounted which allows for room for a
generous, waterproof 17.5 litre lockable storage box. Off to the supermarket for some avocados, a laptop, or a reasonable stack of stubbies can be carried. Try that on your electric penny farthing.

Honda NAVi review AUSTRALIA

It’s really easy to ride, and that’s going to give it a great deal of newcomer appeal. No gears, thanks to a clever automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT), a combined braking system that does the decision making for you and it weighs in at just 100kg. Hell, Spannerman is heavier than that — even before a night out! Yep, the brief is all about user friendliness and the NAVi hits the mark there.

I belted about like an old fool for a day and laughed like a drain. OK, old school bikers won’t be rushing out to grab a hot pink NAVi, and I know I’m gonna get ceremoniously reamed by my hardcore mates when they watch the video, but this thing does what it says on the tin. And it’s a Honda. ‘Nuff said.

Click on the video and let the reaming commence.

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