Red Bull Motorsports has released a video of motocross legends Robbie Maddison and Tyler Bereman stunting in LA.

The video starts with some delightfully lame acting from the freestyle stars, followed by epic shots of them riding through the city.

As the story goes, the two riders are stuck in traffic while on their way to the track, so they pull their bikes off the ute and tear up the city instead.

The riders stunt on iconic landmarks, run wild in back alleys and crisscross the LA river aqueduct.

Highlights along the way include the two riders taking a shortcut through the middle of Los Angeles City Hall, built in 1928, Bereman jumping the gap on Upper S. Grand Ave. with lower S. Grand Ave 34 feet below, and Maddison jumping from the 1st Street Bridge down into the Los Angeles River a whopping 46 feet below.

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