OK, it gets warm in the Australian north and pretty nippley at the bottom of Tassie. We cope, right? Made of the right stuff, we Aussie riders.

Well, as they say in Goodfellas, ‘forget about it’. We are pussies. We have nothing on our hero here. Indeed, this crazy Canadian is known as Winter Rider and he’s a YouTuber. Gets his jollies in Brass Moneky weather. The likes of which we have never seen Down Under.

Here he jumps aboard his Yamaha MT-09 when it’s -28°C with a windchill closer to -30. Yes, you read that right. Even more perversely, he heads out early in the morning, before dawn. Because, you wouldn’t want the sun ruining things by upping the temp a degree or two would you?

You have to wonder about black ice, and he certainly doesn’t spare the horses, giving the Yam the berries on occasion. He’s a bit of a legend, this Winter Rider.

Yep, shiver.

Our favourite part is when he has an on-road chat with another sturdy fellow in a pick-up truck. It is sooo Canadian.

Enjoy. Brrr…

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